We are very easy going, coming to a skatepark is all about having fun but there are a few unwritten rules that make everything run smoothly and will make sure you don’t upset the older skaters, many of whom will have been using skate parks since before you were born!

This is the number one rule of the skate park and failure to obey this rule will drive people nuts. Snaking is the term used to describe jumping the queue, at every obstacle there will be a queue, it won’t be in a line but it will be there, it is your responsibility to look at the order people are going in and join at the end, if you don’t you will become very unpopular very quickly.

This is a skate park which is open to all, very often young kids will be sharing a ramp with older guys and nobody wants to hear other people getting angry and swearing, it brings the mood down!

People don’t argue or fight at skate parks, end of story. Everyone has a great time and gets along provided rule number 1 above is taken into account, haha. Seriously though, if you want to argue and fight don’t do it in the skate park because you will be told to leave.

Pretty please keep the place tidy, there are bins provided and there is no excuse for leaving your rubbish all over the place. We all want to shred the park without crisp packets wrapping around our wheels.

Everyone likes a good time, we like a good time, you like a good time, your parents like a good time so when you’re at the park treat everyone else with respect, don’t snake, and ‘be excellent to each other‘!

And now for the very serious rules…


- Skate at your own risk.
- The Park is open 7 days a week subject to change by the management without prior notice.
- No loitering outside the premises, the car park or surrounding areas.
- No Skateboarding/Inline/BMX outside the skate arena, premises, car park or surrounding areas.
- Skateboarding/Inline/BMX at your own risk.
- All Skateboarders/Inline/BMX can apply for a membership card and provide their own safety equipment. Alternatively Exist Skatepark Ltd will rent safety equipment to members.
- Any person using another member’s registration card to gain access to the Skate Park, will result in the membership being terminated for the cardholder, and both named persons will be refused entry to the park for a period of 6 months.
- Safety equipment must be worn at all times, to include a helmet, knee and elbow pads, closed toe non-slip shoes, gloves. (Wrist braces and hip pads are encouraged, but not required).
- In the event of an emergency or personal injury, please report incident to a senior member of staff immediately. All Members involved in the incident must discontinue skating until directed by staff.
- No food or beverages allowed in the skate arena.
- The Skate Park by law advocates a no smoking policy.
- No destroying or defacing private property.
- Members must follow the instruction from staff at all times.
- In the event of a dispute between users the decision of a senior staff member is final.
- Recklessness, horseplay, foul language, not listening to staff or any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated, and will subject you to be removed from the park.
- If any inappropriate behaviour continues for a specified period of time senior staff has the right to terminate the membership at their own discretion.
- The senior staff, reserve the right to limit the number of Members using the facility at any one time to prevent overcrowding and in the interest of Health & Safety.
- Care must be taken when using the foam pit, all belongings must be removed from pockets. The park is not responsible for any belongings lost in the foam pit.
- Breach of any of the above rules may result in a ban or the loss of your Skate Park Membership and/or all privileges!