Membership cardAnnual membership costs just £20 and this entitles you to a reduced session rate at the park and 10% discount in the shop. We encourage everyone that plans on using the park regularly to become a member because you will make the £20 back in just a few visits. It makes signing in much easier too.

You MUST bring your membership card with you every time. You need to show it to us, not just tell us your number, without your card you will be charged non-member prices.

If you’re over 16 you can fill in a membership/consent form at the park (or download one below), you won’t need a parent/guardian to sign anything, however if you’re under 16 please take note of the following…

Everyone under 16 that wants to use the skatepark for the first time has to fill in a membership/consent form and it must be signed by a parent or guardian, this means YOU! There is absolutely no way around this, these are some of the things we hear every day…

- “I’ve come on the train from Llanelli/Neath/Port Talbot/The Moon and I haven’t got a filled in form, can I come in?”

- “I took one home for my mother to sign but I’ve lost it, can I come in?”

- “My friend has got one, can I come in?”

Unfortunately the answer is always “no”, it is very important that on your first visit you either have an adult with you to sign it or you DOWNLOAD IT BELOW, print it out, fill it in, get an adult to sign it and bring it with you. Only then will you be able to skate, ride or scoot.