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Game of SKATE – 17th May 2014

Game of SKATE - 17th May 2014

This Saturday we are hosting a HUGE game of SKATE in the park!

Entry is open to all so come along and prove that you’ve got what it takes to become the SKATE CHAMPION!

It’ll cost £2 to enter and all proceeds go toward the upkeep of the park.

Exist Skatepark Minute Edit #1

Exist Skatepark video

Our mayn man Pedro Mayn (see what I did there?) has been working hard shooting and editing loads of footage from the park over the last few months and we’ll be putting out a bunch of regular minute long edits for you all.

This is number one, there’s loads of great stuff from many of our regular skateboarders including some real bangers from Gareth.

Check it out and share using the buttons below, cheers dudes!

Exist Girls Skateboard Jam 2014

Exist Girls Skate Jam 2014


We are very proud to announce our first ever GIRLS ONLY SKATE EVENT!

On Saturday 31st May many of the UK’s top female skateboarders will be at the skatepark for a day of shredding, there’ll be an open jam which everyone can take part in, no matter what your age or ability.

Prizes are being supplied by Exist Skate Store, Rogue Skateboards, Lovenskate, Furr Skateboards and Bones Wheels.

Although only girls will be able to skate all you boys can still come and watch and we’d love you to come and show your support!


Ryan Mages Ten Tricks Video

ryan mages exist skatepark

Ryan Mages has been coming to Exist Skatepark for around two and a half years now and each and every time he comes through the door he shreds longer and harder than anyone else here, stopping only to refuel with a can of pop (or three), he’s a skate machine!

He has autism and skateboarding gives him a great outlet to express himself, when he nails the latest trick he’s been working on he always smiles from ear to ear which is great to see and always raises the spirits here at the park, pushing everyone else to raise their game.

Tesco Dan shot this short ten tricks video last night, ladies and gentlemen, Ryan Mages…

Snadz Ten Tricks at Exist Skatepark

Snadz Ten Tricks at Exist Skate park

Just before we closed the park to soundproof the roof and change the street course Exist’s newest team member, Dave Snaddon, came down from Bristol to bash out ten tricks for us.

Snadz is one of those guys that has ridiculous pop, the last trick will blow your mind! Stay until the end for an exclusive DC skate shoes discount code!

First Skate Session on the New Street Course

First Skate Session on the New Street  VideoCourse

Pedro has put together a killer video (shot on his new VX) from the first skate only session on the new street course!

There’s so much shredding in this that I don’t even know where to start, there’s gnarl, there’s tech and there’s everything in between.

Check it out, share it with your friends and shoot some video of your own at the park, yoooooooo!

Over Ply Wood Screening At Exist Skatepark

Over Ply Wood Screening At The Park

Local skater and all-round non-stop documenter of good times Mr Jono Atkinson has spent the last couple of years collecting, shooting and compiling the COMPLETE HISTORY OF SKATEBOARDING IN SWANSEA.

The finished product is a feature length documentary titled Over Ply Wood. It covers every aspect of our scene from the 1960’s right up to the present day, it is a truly great piece of work and something that we all feel is a jewel in the crown of the skate scene here.

There was a screening on the weekend for us ‘old guys’ and I can promise you that by the end of this film you will be beaming with pride at the way skateboarding has sustained itself in Swansea for 50 years with very little help from the council or anybody else. Against all odds we continue to shred and nothing is going to stop us!

This Sunday November 10th, we will be screening the film at Exist Skatepark, if you are a skater then you have absolutely no excuse for missing this so come along and learn about your heritage and your culture.

Tickets cost just TWO QUID and all proceeds go towards the development of the skatepark. You can buy them in the shop (214 Oxford Street) or online.

PLEASE NOTE: THE MINI RAMP WILL BE OPEN, the street course will not be finished but you’ll be able to see the new ramps!

Here’s the trailer to give you a taster of what to expect…