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Monday night squareexist beginners session

The beginners sessions at the park are our favourite, by a long way. We take a great amount of pleasure in helping and watching kids who are new to skating/scootering/BMX grow and develop their skills.

On the surface it may seem like everyone is just learning the basics and easier tricks but it’s a lot more than that, the beginners sessions help to develop spacial awareness, concentration and great for confidence building as well as improving balance and muscles.

Urban street sports are a great way to meet new people, we consistently see friendships being formed and it doesn’t take long before everybody is teaching each other rather than just us offering advice.

Our beginners sessions are great for anyone that would like to try out something new or different and for those of you that have some skills but want to get better. Have a look at our timetable for session times!

exist skatepark beginners session exist beginners session

If you need any more info send us an e-mail using the form below or check out our contact page for other options…