Everyone that works at Exist Skatepark has been involved in the skate scene for many years. Our staff are passionate about the development of the park and everyone that uses it, this shines through in their enthusiasm every time they are in work. All front of house staff are first aid trained, only our website guy isn’t but we keep him out the back anyway.

Ric – Managing Director

Ric started skateboarding in 1994 and has been a big part in the Swansea skate scene since 2001 when he launched a small clothing brand called Exist. Since then he has opened Swansea’s only skater owned shop and in 2011 opened Exist Skatepark. What a guy!


kate exist skate park
Kate – Park Co-ordinator

Kate has a background in the music and art scenes in Swansea and has a lot of experience in management, she really is the brains behind the operation. If it wasn’t for her the skatepark wouldn’t be where it is today, she is always looking for new ways of pushing us forwards.


staff chris
Chris – Park Assistant

Chris is a talented musician and works with us because he is awesome and we like awesome people. He may not be able to teach you many tricks on a skateboard but he certainly could teach you some stuff about life.


Rob – Treasurer

Rob is Ric’s father, without whom the skatepark wouldn’t have been possible. From cooking chips to fixing ramps and plasterboarding there is nothing that he can’t do.


staff ty
Ty – Webmaster

Ty got his first skateboard in 1988 and is still skating today, he’s a whizz with anything to do with computers and cameras so if you have any questions about photography, video or editing he’ll be able to help you.