exist skate park swansea

Due to a lack of serious facilities Exist has been almost solely responsible for sustaining the skate scene in Swansea over the last 10 years. It has built a skate team, with professional and non professional skaters, is recognised nationally and regularly supports new talent and involves existing supporters dedicated to the scene in Swansea.

In 2011 we opened the skatepark which has proved to be of great benefit to local young people and the community; improving the level of extreme sport talent in South Wales, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle and broadening horizons by exploring young people’s hidden talents. We intend for the skatepark to become a flagship facility for Wales and the UK.

In order to secure our future we have decided to turn the skate park into a Not for Profit venture. This means we will be able apply for funding for maintenance, new equipment, events and outreach projects. This is a great development for Exist and we’re excited about becoming a more community based enterprise. We will post updates on this as it develops…

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